We have enjoy a very busy week with lots of Easter fun activities.  The children have had Easter Egg Hunts in the garden having to find the matching half of their patterned egg, we have made Easter Hats, following  children’s interests made the bike store in to an ice cream stall and enjoyed them for snack.

Easter Hats.

Matching Easter Eggs

Ice Cream Stall

Baby Chickens

We enjoyed a welly walk in the sun shine to Corsham Court to see the baby lambs, we also had visits for a tortoise and two baby chicks.

Our tadpoles are still growing and they will be returned to the pond where they came from over the Easter holidays – Photos will be taken to show the children as they develop legs.  We have had three baby stick insects hatch over the last two days and I will take photos to show them once they grow a little bigger.