W/C 5/6/17 & 12/6/17

We have enjoyed two  lovely walk to Corsham Park the first visit we enjoyed a story and then drew our pictures to go with the story – these were placed on display in the rooms when we returned.  This week we took the silk scarves and bubbles and investigated the wind, having a completion to see how far the wind would blow them, and if we could pop all the bubbles before they blew away.

This week we have been looking at castles, we painted boxes to make our own in the garden and build one out of the natural logs to uses a small world play. We made Ginger biscuits and honey cakes for snack.  The children also helped clean out the stick insects and look how they have grown sheading their skin!.

Stick Insects old skin

look how they have grown.

We had had problems with the camera so the quality is not brilliant this week.

Our Small World Castle

Honey Cakes