19/09/2016 – 23/09/2016

Vegetable success – Over the summer we harvested cucumber and some lovely sweet peas, these are still flowering and the children are watching the flowers bloom and die then observing the change in colour of the seed pods.  We hope to use the seeds next year for the children to see the cycle of growth.  Some of the children returning who helped plant the potatoes and spring onions also helped to dig up and clean them, taking some home to eat with mum and dad.


On Thursday this week we enjoyed our first walk of the new term to Corsham Court.  The children enjoy the sunny weather and collected resouces for the  coming weeks topic on Autumn. They enjoyed looking for conkers and acorns under the trees.  Stopping for a biscuit and drink before walking back through the Avenue.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

The children continue to enjoy In2Sport Activities each week on a Wednesday and Friday morning.